One Week (2008)

94 min.
Plot  Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) is a young elementary school English teacher living in Toronto, Ontario. Ben is told that he has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in its fourth and final stage.

On the way home, he encounters an elderly man Marc Strange selling his 1973 Norton Commando motorcycle. The narrator notes that Ben's fiancée Samantha Pierce (Liane Balaban) despises motorcycles, but he buys it. Finishing a Tim Hortons coffee, he rolls up the cup's rim to see if he has won a prize, but sees only a message that reads "Go West Young Man".

He breaks the news of his cancer to Samantha, as well as his desire to take a two-day excursion on the motorcycle. She objects, arguing that he should begin treatment immediately, but he feels a need for an adventure before "becoming a patient". He asks Samantha to come with him, but she refuses, and he ultimately sets out from Toronto by himself. Early in the trip he begins to question the trip's worth, and turns back. Bu...



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One Week
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