Cimarron  (1960)

147 min.
Plot  Sabra Cravat's (Maria Schell) wealthy Kansas City parents try to dissuade her from participating in a land run in the Oklahoma territory with her new husband Yancey (Glenn Ford), but she is adamant. During the journey, Sabra's knowledge of her husband's character deepens, and when he lends one of his covered wagons to Tom (Arthur O'Connell) and Sarah Wyatt (Mercedes McCambridge) and their large, destitute family, she experiences his generosity.

Upon arriving in Oklahoma and meeting many of Yancey's friends, including a lady of the evening named Dixie Lee (Anne Baxter), she discovers that he is something of an adventurer. Sabra has her first disagreement with Yancey, however, when he staunchly defends an American Indian family whose wagon has been overturned by a group of angry men. Even though a Cavalry officer states that Ben and Arita Red Feather have the right to participate in the land run, Sabra, a French American, wonders aloud whether Yancey should have risked injury just...



Glenn Ford
Yancey Cravat
Maria Schell
Sabra Cravat
Anne Baxter
Dixie Lee
Arthur O'Connell
Tom Wyatt
Russ Tamblyn
William Hardy
Mercedes McCambridge
Sarah Wyatt
Charles McGraw
Bob Yountis
Harry Morgan
Jesse Rickey
David Opatoshu
Sol Levy
Royal Dano
Ike Howes
L.Q. Jones
Richard Davies
Mr. Hodges


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