I Could Go On Singing (1963)

99 min.
Plot  Judy Garland plays a superstar singer named Jenny Bowman. She had met a man 15–16 years before who was now a prominent physician (played by British actor Dirk Bogarde). They had a child together whom she let his father raise in England. Jenny wants to finally see him, but in the end is left to the stage. Originally titled ''The Lonely Stage'', it was renamed ''I Could Go On Singing'', so that audiences would know it was the first time Garland sang in a movie since ''A Star Is Born'' in 1954. The movie contains Garland concert musical numbers including "By Myself," "Hello Bluebird," "It Never Was You," and the title song, "I Could Go On Singing."




Judy Garland
Jenny Bowman
Dirk Bogarde
David Donne
Jack Klugman
George Kogan


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I Could Go On Singing
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