The Yellow Canary (1963)

93 min.
Plot  Andy Paxton (Boone) is an arrogant, obnoxious pop idol who is about to be divorced by his wife (Eden) and constantly abuses his staff, including his bodyguard, ex-cop Hub, his manager Vecchio and his valet, Bake.

Andy begins an engagement at the Huntington Hartford Theater in Los Angeles. He and Hub arrive home to find a maid Lisa hysterical - his infant son Bobby has been kidnapped and the son's nurse murdered. The ransom note has the code word "canary" and they summon the police, led by Lt Bonner (Klugman).

Andy doesn't tell the police about the code word out of fear that his son may be killed. A second message arrives demanding $200,000 ransom, which Andy manages to raise, and the money is delivered to an isolated beach but nobody comes to meet him.

Hub takes Andy to a lonely inn and tortures a woman into giving them the address of a man who might have been in touch with the kidnappers. They find the man, but he is dead.

After Bake is found murdered, Andy...



Pat Boone
Andy Paxton
Barbara Eden
Lissa Paxton
Steve Forrest
Hub Wiley
Jack Klugman
Lt. Bonner
Milton Selzer
Jeff Corey
Joe Pyle
Harold Gould


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The Yellow Canary
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