A Touch of Larceny (1960)

93 min.
Plot  A British World War II naval war hero, Commander Max "Rammer" Easton (James Mason), is charming and a bit of rake. He holds a mid-level staff position at the British Admiralty, but spends most of his free time playing squash and pursuing women.

While at his private club, he meets Sir Charles Holland (George Sanders) and later Holland's American companion, Virginia Killain (Vera Miles). As soon as Holland goes away for a few days, Max makes a play for Virginia, but she is engaged to be married to Holland and is offended by Max describing him as "dull". Undaunted, he continues to slowly charm her until she agrees to have lunch with him.

They later go sailing on Easton's sailboat, and he continues to put his charm on display. Max can tell that Virginia is impressed by Holland's old school wealth. He claims that it is easy to acquire money, which she challenges, so on the spot he comes up with an unscrupulous scheme to demonstrate to her just how easy it is: After suddenly d...



James Mason
Commander Max Easton
George Sanders
Sir Charles Holland
Vera Miles
Virginia Killain
Robert Flemyng
Commander John Larkin
Harry Andrews
Captain Graham
Peter Barkworth
Sub Leuitenaint Brown
Rachel Gurney
Clara Holland


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A Touch of Larceny
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