A Haunted House 2 (2014)

86 min.
Plot  Malcolm Johnson and his cousin Ray-Ray are driving Malcolm's possessed girlfriend Kisha to the hospital after he beat her senseless for trying to attack him. Kisha starts making a fuss and fights Malcolm, then breathes into Ray's face. He passes out at the wheel and collides with a truck. Somehow, everybody is okay, but Malcolm and Ray leave an unconscious Kisha in the backseat and run away. A year later, Malcolm moves in with his girlfriend Megan, an insecure woman with two kids, her bratty and promiscuous teenage daughter Becky and effeminate son Wyatt, who has a stereotypically black imaginary friend named Tony. The family moves into a new home with their dog, Shiloh Jr. After the movers hang a safe next to the lawn, an invisible force unties the rope tied to a support beam, causing the safe to fall on the dog and crush him. Malcolm hysterically cries all the way to when they bury the dog.

Megan then puts a creepy looking doll named Abigail on a chair by their bed. Malcolm me...



Marlon Wayans
Malcolm Johnson
Essence Atkins
Kisha Davis
Dave Sheridan
Cedric the Entertainer
Father Doug Williams
Missi Pyle
Rick Overton
Professor Wilde
Tom Virtue
Father Callahan
Kym Whitley
Church Lady
Mark Henry
Tough Voice Guy


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A Haunted House 2
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United States




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