Snow Dogs (2002)

Plot  Dr. Theodore "Ted" Brooks is a dentist in Miami, Florida. Every city bus carries an advertisement for his dental practice with his picture.

One day, Ted receives a letter from Alaska, naming him as the only heir of one Lucy Watkins, a resident of the backwoods village of Tolketna. Brooks' mother Amelia reveals that he is adopted; Lucy was his biological mother.

Ted travels to Tolketna to claim his inheritance from Lucy: seven Siberian Husky sled dogs and a Border Collie named Nana.

In Tolketna, he discovers his roots. Totally out of his element, Ted experiences challenges he has never dreamed of: blizzards, thin ice, foxes, skunks, bears, an intimidating, crusty old mountain man named James "Thunder Jack" Johnson, and the aggressive, defiant lead dog, Demon. All of this happens with the buzzing excitement of the Arctic Challenge Sled Dog Race, which is only two weeks away.

Ted tries to find out why he was given up for adoption, and who was his biological f...



Cuba Gooding Jr.
Dr. Theodore "Ted" Brooks
James Coburn
James "Thunder Jack" Johnson
Nichelle Nichols
Amelia Brooks
Graham Greene
Peter Yellowbear
James Belushi
Demon (voice only)
Jane Sibbett
Nana (voice only)


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Snow Dogs
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