Going in Style (2017)

6.8 / Rated by 5 people

96 min.
Plot  Joe, Willie, and Albert are senior citizens and lifelong friends living in New York. During an unpleasant appointment at the bank, Joe is one of the victims to witness a robbery in progress carried out by three individuals wearing black masks. During the robbery, he notices the leader bearing a Mongol warrior tattoo on his neck as the only lead that could help the police identify the culprit. However, the leader sympathizes with Joe when he finds out about his current financial situation brought up by the bank. Then, the robbers manage to escape with over $1.6 million.

When the company they worked for is bought out, their pensions become a casualty of the restructuring. Joe is hit particularly hard and finds out that he, his daughter, Rachel, and granddaughter, Brooklyn, will be homeless in fewer than 30 days. Willie finds out he's gravely ill from kidney failure and needs a transplant and is even more frustrated because his financial situation forces him into a long-distan...



Morgan Freeman
Willie Davis
Michael Caine
Joe Harding
Alan Arkin
Albert Garner
Joey King
Maria Dizzia
Rachel Harding
Matt Dillon
Special Agent Hamer
Annie Santori
Christopher Lloyd
Milton Kupchak
Kenan Thompson
Keith Schonfield
Josh Pais
Chuck Lofton
John Ortiz
Jesus Garcia


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Going in Style
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McBilek rated Going in Style (2017) with 7.0 stars / 15.09.2017

TonyMontana rated Going in Style (2017) with 6.0 stars / 24.04.2017

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