Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

6.25 / Rated by 2 people

Science Fiction
149 min.
Plot  Optimus Prime is absent while several governments have formed the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF) to destroy Transformers of all factions; Cuba has become a safe haven for Transformers, with Topspin, Roadbuster and Seymour Simmons hiding there. In an area of war-torn Chicago, a group of children stumble upon a crashed alien ship with the Cybertronian Knight Steelbane inside. They are confronted by a TRF Walker, which is destroyed by Izabella, a survivor of the Battle of Chicago. Izabella and her Transformer companions, Sqweeks and Canopy, urge the children to escape, but Canopy is shot by a TRF plane drone and dies. Shortly after, Bumblebee and Cade Yeager arrive and help them escape. Yeager finds Steelbane, who gives him a metallic talisman and dies shortly after. Barricade observes and informs Megatron that Cade has the talisman.

Meanwhile, Cybertron, has been approaching Earth. Optimus crash-lands on the planet, and finding that it has been disassembled into pieces, confron...



Mark Wahlberg
Cade Yeager
Anthony Hopkins
Sir Edmund Burton
Josh Duhamel
William Lennox
Laura Haddock
Viviane Wembly
Isabela Moner
Tyrese Gibson
Robert Epps
Stanley Tucci
John Turturro
Seymour Simmons
Glenn Morshower
General Morshower
Liam Garrigan
King Arthur
Mitch Pileggi
A TRF Group Leader
Peter Cullen
Optimus Prime (voice only)
Ken Watanabe
Drift (voice only)
Omar Sy
Hot Rod (voice only)
Jim Carter
Cogman (voice only)
John Goodman
Hound (voice only)
Tom Kenny
Wheelie (voice only)
Steve Buscemi
Daytrader (voice only)
John DiMaggio
Nitro Zeus (voice only)
Gemma Chan
Quintessa (voice only)


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Transformers: The Last Knight
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