Collateral Beauty (2016)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

97 min.
Plot  Successful advertising executive Howard Inlet becomes clinically depressed after his young daughter's tragic death. He spends his time alone, rarely sleeping or eating. He spends his time at the office building domino chains and structures. His estranged friends and business partners, Whit Yardsham, Claire Wilson, and Simon Scott fear for Howard's mental health as well as their company's future, as Howard's behavior has cost them numerous high-profile clients and left them on the verge of bankruptcy. As the majority shareholder, Howard has also undermined their efforts to sell the company.

The trio hires a private investigator, Sally Price, to acquire evidence that Howard is unfit to run the company, allowing them to take control. Sally intercepts Howard's letters to the abstract concepts of Love, Time, and Death, and presents them to Whit, Claire, and Simon. They hire a trio of struggling actors – Brigitte, Raffi, and Amy – to masquerade as Death, Time, and Love to confront How...



Will Smith
Howard Inlet
Edward Norton
Whit Yardsham
Kate Winslet
Claire Wilson
Keira Knightley
Amy / "Love"
Michael Peña
Simon Scott
Naomie Harris
Madeleine Inlet
Helen Mirren
Brigitte / "Death"
Jacob Latimore
Raffi / "Time"
Kylie Rogers
Allison Yardsham
Ann Dowd
Sally Price
Mary Beth Peil
Whit's Mother
Liza Colon-Zayas
Trevor's Mom
Natalie Gold
Adam's Mom


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Collateral Beauty
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