Antibirth (2016)

5.0 / Rated by 1 people

94 min.
Plot  Lou (Natasha Lyonne) is a hard-partying stoner who lives in a run-down trailer outside a rural Michigan town where women have recently been going missing. She awakens one morning after a party at an abandoned warehouse and finds herself experiencing bizarre symptoms akin to those experienced during pregnancy. Her friend, Sadie (Chloë Sevigny) believes she is pregnant and not telling her about it, despite Lou's claims that she hasn't had sex with anyone in nearly a year. Lou also believes that it is impossible for her to get pregnant after an upsetting incident six months earlier when she miscarried in a club while on the toilet. After getting a ride from her friend Luke (Emmanuel Kabongo) to her cleaning job at a motel, she encounters an eccentric stranger, Lorna (Meg Tilly), who is staying in one of the hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, Gabriel (Mark Webber), Sadie's drug dealer and boyfriend, is keeping a woman hidden in his apartment who has had a grotesque physical reaction to a new ...



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