The Great Wall (2016)

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104 min.
Plot  Searching for the secret of gunpowder, twenty European mercenaries have traveled to China during the reign of the Renzong Emperor (AD 1010–63). A few miles north of the Great Wall, they are pursued by Khitan bandits, who have already killed some of the men. Upon escaping, they seek refuge in a cave but are attacked by an unknown monster, leaving only William and Tovar alive, with the former having slashed off the monster's hand. The two decide to bring the arm with them. The next day, they stumble upon the Great Wall and are taken prisoner by Chinese soldiers of a secretive military sect called the Nameless Order, led by General Shao and Strategist Wang.

The Nameless Order is a Chinese military order commissioned by the Imperial Court of the Song Dynasty as a special division of the Imperial Army conceived for the sole purpose of repelling a horde of alien monsters who rise every sixty years. The commanding officers are shocked upon seeing the monster's severed hand, as the Orde...



Matt Damon
William Garin
Jing Tian
Commander Lin Mae of the Crane Troop
Pedro Pascal
Pero Tovar
Willem Dafoe
Sir Ballard
Andy Lau
Strategist Wang
Zhang Hanyu
General Shao
Lu Han
Peng Yong
Eddie Peng
Commander Wu of the Tiger Troop


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The Great Wall
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Çin Seddi
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United States


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