Kong: Skull Island (2017)

7.17 / Rated by 3 people

118 min.
Plot  In 1944, in the midst of World War II, two fighter pilots – American pilot Hank Marlow and Japanese pilot Gunpei Ikari – parachute onto an island in the South Pacific after a dogfight and engage in close combat, but the fight is interrupted by a behemoth ape. Twenty-nine years later, in 1973, U.S. government agent Bill Randa hires former British Special Air Service Captain James Conrad, a skilled tracker, to guide an expedition to map out a recently discovered island known as Skull Island. Their military escort is the Sky Devils, a Vietnam War helicopter squadron led by Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard and his subordinates, Major Jack Chapman and Captain Earl Cole. The group is joined by pacifist photojournalist Mason Weaver, who believes the expedition is a secret military operation. Upon arrival at Skull Island, Packard's men begin dropping explosives developed by seismologist Houston Brooks to map out the island. However, the air unit is sabotaged by the same ape from 1944, who ki...  



Tom Hiddleston
James Conrad
Samuel L. Jackson
Preston Packard
John Goodman
William "Bill" Randa
Brie Larson
Mason Weaver
Jing Tian
San Lin
Toby Kebbell
Jack Chapman
John Ortiz
Victor Nieves
Corey Hawkins
Houston Brooks
Jason Mitchell
Glenn Mills
Shea Whigham
Earl Cole
Thomas Mann
Reg Slivko
John C. Reilly
Hank Marlow


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Kong: Skull Island
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