Carnage Park (2016)

5.0 / Rated by 1 people

90 min.
Plot  In 1978, two thieves, "Scorpion Joe" and Lenny, escape into the desert with a hostage, Vivian, after a failed heist. Lenny dies of a gunshot wound suffered during their escape, and Joe forces Vivian to help him dispose of Lenny's body. After a failed escape attempt, Vivian explains that she was at the bank to seek a loan to save her family's farm. As she covertly reaches for a switchblade on the floor of Joe's car, an unseen assailant shoots out one of the car's tires. Joe handcuffs Vivian to the steering wheel and exits the car, boasting that he will kill whoever shot at them. The hidden sniper kills Joe, then drives up to talk to Vivian. The sniper, Wyatt Moss, tells her that she is trespassing on private property, and insists he had a legal right to kill Joe. Vivian begs him to free her, but he instead knocks her out with a drug.

Wyatt's brother, the sheriff, visits Wyatt's compound to ask if he has seen Vivian. Wyatt denies any knowledge of her, and his brother warns him tha...



Ashley Bell
Vivian Fontaine
James Landry Hébert
Scorpion Joe
Pat Healy
Wyatt Moss
Alan Ruck
Sheriff Moss


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Carnage Park
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