A Monster Calls (2016)

8.5 / Rated by 2 people

108 min.
Plot  12-year-old Conor O'Malley must face his mother's terminal cancer, his strict grandmother, his estranged father, and his school bully, Harry. One night at 12:07 a.m., Conor is visited by the tree-like Monster, who tells Conor it has come to tell him three true stories, after which Conor must tell the Monster his own story: the truth behind his nightmare, which Conor refuses to do. Through the Monster, Conor ultimately understands that although he does not want his mother to die, it is something he must accept, and he must not feel guilty for wanting it to be over so he does not have to feel pain anymore. After this, Conor returns, with the Monster by his side, to comfort his mother one last time, and she dies at 12:07. He returns home with his grandmother, with whom he has reached an understanding, and she gives Conor the room that used to be his mother's. In the room, he finds his mother's old art book, which depicts the stories that were told to him by the Monster, and a drawing of h...  



Lewis MacDougall
Conor O'Malley
Sigourney Weaver
Mrs. Clayton
Felicity Jones
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Clayton
Toby Kebbell
Mr. O'Malley
Liam Neeson
The "Monster" (voice only)
Geraldine Chaplin
The head teacher of Conor's school.


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A Monster Calls
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hassan rated A Monster Calls (2016) with 9.5 stars / 15.03.2017

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