Free Willy 3: The Rescue (1997)

86 min.
Plot  Jesse is sixteen years old and works as an orca-researcher on a research ship called the ''Noah'' alongside his old friend Randolph and moved away from Glen and Annie who were promised by Randolph to keep Jesse out of trouble. They suspect that Willy and his pod are being illegally hunted by whalers posing as commercial fishermen. Aboard just such a ship, the Botany Bay, Max Wesley, who is ten years old, takes his first trip to sea with his father, John, a whaler from a long line of whalers, and learns the true unlawful nature of the family business. During his first hunt, Max is thrown overboard and comes face to face with Willy. From this point on, Max is working against his own father, teaming with Jesse and Randolph to save Willy from becoming $200-per-pound sushi. Jesse introduces Max to Willy properly after learning of Max's experience and how Max likes whales. Jesse goes to his and Randolph's head boss about the threat to the whales, but he refuses to take action until Jesse man...  



August Schellenberg
Randolph Johnson
Annie Corley
Drew Halbert
Patrick Kilpatrick
John Wesley


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Free Willy 3: The Rescue
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