Concussion (2015)

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122 min.
Plot  In 2002, former Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster is found dead in his pickup truck, after years of self-mutilation and homelessness. Before his death, a fellow football player, Justin Strzelczyk, comes to him, and confides that he is starting to lose his memory, that he is saying odd things to his children, and nearly threw his wife against the wall. A disoriented Webster brushes the worries off, and deliriously tells him that the most important thing "is to finish the game", which is what he said during his Hall of Fame speech.

Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist with the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania cororner's office, handles Webster's autopsy. He wonders how a man, otherwise healthy, and fairly young, could have degenerated so quickly, and makes it a point to figure out why he died of a heart attack at only fifty. Omalu closely examines microscope slides of Webster's brain and discovers that he had severe brain damage. He ultimately determines that Webster died as ...



Will Smith
Dr. Bennet Omalu
Alec Baldwin
Dr. Julian Bailes
Albert Brooks
Dr. Cyril Wecht
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Prema Mutiso
David Morse
Mike Webster
Arliss Howard
Dr. Joseph Maroon
Mike O'Malley
Daniel Sullivan
Eddie Marsan
Dr. Steven DeKosky
Hill Harper
Christopher Jones
Stephen Moyer
Dr. Ron Hamilton
Richard T. Jones
Andre Waters
Paul Reiser
Dr. Elliot Pellman
Luke Wilson
Roger Goodell
Bitsie Tulloch
Keana Strzelczyk
Sam Neill


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