Queen of Blood (1966)

81 min.
Plot  The year is 1990 and space travel is well-established since humans landed on the moon twenty years earlier. At the International Institute of Space Technology, communications expert and astronaut Laura James monitors strange signals being received from outer space. Laura's superior, Dr. Faraday, translates the signal and discovers that it is from an alien race who are sending an ambassador to Earth. However, soon after this Laura receives a video log showing that the aliens have suffered an accident to their ship and have crashed on Mars.

The Institute launches a rescue mission on board the ''Oceano'', including Laura, and astronauts Anders Brockman and Paul Grant. The ''Oceano'' travels through a sunburst, suffering some damage but makes it to Mars and locates the alien craft. Anders and Paul go to investigate and discover a single dead alien. Faraday deduces that the rest of the alien crew must have left in a rescue ship; an observation satellite will be needed to locate the...



John Saxon
Allan Brenner
Dennis Hopper
Paul Grant


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Queen of Blood
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