The Crazy Stranger (1997)

8.75 / Rated by 2 people

102 min.
Plot  Stéphane, a young French man from Paris, travels to Romania. He is looking for the singer Nora Luca, whom his father had heard all the time before his death. Wandering along a frozen road, he meets old Izidor, a Rom (Gypsy) and tries tell him of Nora Luca. Drunken Izidor only hears the handful of Romani words and takes Stephane to his village, determined to teach the boy the Romani language. Stéphane believes that Izidor will take him to Nora Luca when the time has come, so he lives in the Roma village for several months in Izidor's house, as Izidor's son Adriani has been arrested. Izidor is happy to have him as a guest, calling him "his Frenchman" and fixing the young wanderer's worn-out shoes. The other Roma dislike Stephane at first, insulting him in their language and believing him to be a lunatic, tricking him into saying rude words and even into entering a tent where women are bathing. Stéphane gradually wins them over by showing his respect for their music and culture and is rew...  



Romain Duris
Rona Hartner


All Titles

Gadjo Dilo
Romanian Original Title
The Crazy Stranger
English Title

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