Fantastic Planet (1973)

9.0 / Rated by 2 people

71 min.
Plot  In the distant future, the gargantuan blue humanoid Draags have brought human beings (who are called Oms as a play on the French word for "man", ''Homme'') from Earth to the planet Ygam, where they maintain a technologically and spiritually advanced society. They consider them animals, and while some Oms are kept as pets by Draags, others live in the strange wilderness and are periodically slaughtered by the Draags who wish to keep their population controlled. Draags have much longer lifespans than Oms, but reproduce much less.

When an Om mother is teased to death by three Draag children, her orphaned infant is found by Master Sinh, a key Draag leader, and his daughter Tiva, who keeps the boy as a pet and names him Terr. She loves Terr and is careful not to hurt him, but, instructed by her parents, keeps him under control, for example by giving him a collar that can pull him in any direction at Tiva's wish. She brings Terr to sessions in which she receives her education using ...




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La Planète Sauvage
French Original Title
Fantastic Planet
English Title

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dilek rated La Planète Sauvage (1973) with 9.0 stars / 26.12.2015

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