Fantastic Voyage (1966)

100 min.
Plot  The United States and the Soviet Union have both developed technology that can miniaturize matter by shrinking individual atoms, but only for a limited amount of time, depending on how small the item is miniaturized.

The scientist Dr. Jan Benes, working behind the Iron Curtain, has figured out how to make the process work indefinitely. With the help of the CIA, he escapes to the West, but an attempted assassination leaves him comatose with a blood clot in his brain.

To save his life, agent Charles Grant (Stephen Boyd), pilot Captain Bill Owens (William Redfield), Dr. Michaels (Donald Pleasence), surgeon Dr. Peter Duval (Arthur Kennedy) and his assistant Cora Peterson (Raquel Welch) are placed aboard a specially designed submarine at the C.M.D.F. (Combined Miniaturized Deterrent Forces) facilities. The submarine, named the ''Proteus,'' is then miniaturized and injected into Benes. The ship is reduced to one micrometer, giving the team one hour to remove the clot. After...



Stephen Boyd
Charles Grant
Raquel Welch
Cora Peterson
Edmond O'Brien
General Carter
Donald Pleasence
Dr. Michaels
Arthur Kennedy
Dr. Peter Duval
James Brolin


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Fantastic Voyage
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