Night Watch (1973)

99 min.
Plot  Based on a play by Lucille Fletcher, ''Night Watch'' is a suspense thriller about a woman named Ellen Wheeler (Elizabeth Taylor), who one night, during a raging thunderstorm, frantically tells her husband John (Laurence Harvey) that from the living room window she has seen a murder being committed in the large old deserted house next door. John calls the police, but a search of the old house turns up nothing.

The next morning, Ellen notices a freshly planted bed of flowers in the garden of the old house, that was not there before. She calls the investigating detective, Inspector Walker (Bill Dean), and suggests that the body of the murder victim she witnessed may be buried there. Inspector Walker then questions the caretaker of the old house, Mr. Appleby (Robert Lang), who confirms that he planted the flowers the night before during the storm, but refuses to let the police search the garden or dig up the flowers he just planted.

Ellen is revealed to be recovering from...



Elizabeth Taylor
Ellen Wheeler
Laurence Harvey
John Wheeler
Robert Lang
Mr. Appleby


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Night Watch
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