Billy Liar (1963)

98 min.
Plot  Billy Fisher (Tom Courtenay) lives in Yorkshire with his parents (Wilfred Pickles and Mona Washbourne) and grandmother (Ethel Griffies), and works as an undertakers' clerk overseen by the rigid Mr. Shadrack (Leonard Rossiter). Billy wishes to get away from his stifling job and family life. To escape the boredom of his humdrum existence, he constantly daydreams and fantasizes, often picturing himself as the ruler and military hero of an imaginary country called Ambrosia. He also makes up stories about himself and his family, causing him to be nicknamed "Billy Liar".

Billy has further complicated his life by proposing to two very different girls, the sheltered, virginal Barbara (Helen Fraser) and the tough, brassy Rita (Gwendolyn Watts). He has given the same engagement ring to each girl and lies constantly to get it back from one and give it to the other, eventually resulting in a family row when Rita discovers he has lied about the ring being at the jewellers. Billy also find...



Tom Courtenay
William Terrence 'Billy' Fisher
Leonard Rossiter
Emanuel Shadrack


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Billy Liar
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