Strangers When We Meet (1960)

117 min.
Plot  Larry Coe is a Los Angeles architect who is married with two kids. He has a very bright wife, Eve. She is ambitious for him, but he wants to do work more imaginative than the commercial buildings he's been designing. He meets with Roger Altar, an author, to discuss building a house that will be an "experiment" and something Coe wants to do more of, something original.

Maggie Gault is one of his neighbors whose son is friends with his. She tells Larry she has seen some of his previous houses and thinks that the more unconventional houses are the best. This encouragement is what he needs from his wife but hasn't been able to get.

Both Larry and Maggie grow dissatisfied in their marriages. Larry's wife is too hard-headed and practical and Maggie's husband isn't interested in having sex with her. So they have an affair that involves meeting in secret. They both know what they're doing is wrong, and they are devoted to their children.

Felix Anders is a neighbor wh...



Kirk Douglas
Larry Coe
Kim Novak
Margaret Gault
Ernie Kovacs
Roger Altar
Barbara Rush
Eve Coe
Walter Matthau
Felix Anders


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Strangers When We Meet
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