Beau Geste (1966)

103 min.
Plot  A column of the French Foreign Legion arrives at the remote Fort Zinderneuf, having been assigned to relieve the legionnaires who had been defending the fort. Upon their arrival, they find that the fort has been ravaged by Tuareg attacks and American Beau Graves (Guy Stockwell) is the only survivor. After his badly injured arm is amputated, he is asked what has happened and his story is revealed in flashback.

Beau's column had been serving under Lieutenant De Ruse (Leslie Nielsen) and Sergeant Major Dagineau (Telly Savalas), the latter of whom is notorious for his harsh treatment of the men under his command. He is especially tortuous on Beau's class of recruits, hoping this will get them to reveal to him which of the men is the author of an anonymous letter Dagineau has received threatening his life. Although he has no proof, he suspects Beau, which earns Beau particularly brutal treatment. To ferret out more information, Dagineau uses the serves of the slimy toady Boldini, w...



Leslie Nielsen
Lieutenant De Ruse
Telly Savalas
Sergeant Major Dagineau


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Beau Geste
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