Head of State (2003)

95 min.
Plot  Mays Gilliam is an alderman of the 9th Ward in Washington D.C.. After being fired from his post and dumped by his girlfriend, Kim, Mays is surprisingly chosen as the party candidate for the presidency (after his party's original presidential and vice-presidential nominees die when their two separate planes crash into each other) to run against sitting vice-president Brian Lewis. Assuming the election was already lost, the party decided to pick a likable but unwinnable minority candidate to improve their chances in the next presidential election. At first, Mays feels he will not be able to succeed as President because he would be representing the entire African-American populace, and does not want to do anything to mess it up. However, Mays begins to rise in the polls after his brother persuades him to speak out for what he believes. He begins to talk about issues such as welfare, money, society, etc. After Lewis runs a series of attack ads including one saying Mays supports cancer, May...  



Chris Rock
Mays Gilliam
Bernie Mac
Mitch Gilliam
Dylan Baker
Martin Geller
Nick Searcy
Vice President Brian Lewis
Lynn Whitfield
Debra Lassiter
Tamala Jones
Lisa Clark
James Rebhorn
Senator Bill Arnot
Keith David
Bernard Cooper
Tracy Morgan
Meat Hustler


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Head of State
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