Second Serve (1986) / TV

120 min.
Plot  In 1976, Renée Richards is on the tennis court as a professional tennis player. The film flashes back to 1964, when Renée Richards is an eye surgeon named Richard Radley (both roles played by Redgrave). Radley has a successful career and a fiancée, but secretly cross-dresses at night. Unable to speak with his mother Sadie (Louise Fletcher), who is a psychiatrist, Radley consults his own psychiatrist, Dr. Beck (Martin Balsam), who advises him to grow a beard. This strategy works temporarily until Radley is drafted into the Navy, which does not allow beards. Following his discharge and a failed marriage, Radley undergoes gender reassignment surgery and becomes Renée.

Renée relocates to California, resumes her career as a surgeon and begins dating. After playing in a local tennis tournament in La Jolla, Renée is outed as transgender by a television reporter. In the ensuing controversy, Renée takes the United States Tennis Association to court, where she secures her right to play ...



Vanessa Redgrave
Richard Radley/Renee Richards
Martin Balsam
Dr. Beck
Richard Venture
Dr. David Radley
Reni Santoni
Dr. Roberto Granato
Louise Fletcher
Dr. Sadie M. Bishop
Jeff Corey
Dr. Harry Benjamin


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Second Serve
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