Walk, Don't Run (1966)

114 min.
Plot  Sir William Rutland (Cary Grant) is an important English businessman who arrives in the city two days early and is greeted by the housing shortage caused by the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. While at the British Embassy seeking help, he notices an announcement of an available apartment and decides to check the place out. He finds himself at the residence of Christine Easton (Samantha Eggar), who insists that it would be improper to take him in as a housemate. She forgot to advertise that she would prefer to rent to a woman. Easton eventually lets Rutland stay—half because she is persuaded it is her patriotic duty to take him in and half because of Rutland's own self-assured pushiness.

Rutland then sublets half of his half of the cramped space to American Olympic competitor Steve Davis (Jim Hutton). While Easton is less than thrilled with the arrangement, she has to put up with it, as she has already spent Rutland's share of the rent. Rutland sets about playing matchmaker for th...



Cary Grant
Sir William Rutland
Samantha Eggar
Christine Easton
Jim Hutton
Steve Davis
John Standing
Julius P. Haversack
Ted Hartley
Yuri Andreyovitch
George Takei
Police Captain
Teru Shimada
Mr. Kurawa


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Walk, Don't Run
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