Gates to Paradise (1968)

89 min.
Plot  In 1212, a Children's Crusade is launched after Jakob (John Fordyce) claims to have had a vision in which it is said that the innocence of children would be able to liberate Jerusalem. A monk (Lionel Stander), returning from Jerusalem, joins the crusade and hears the children's confessions, gradually realizing that most of them are taking part not for religious, but for more worldly reasons, like rejected love.

Both Alexander (Mathieu Carrière) and Bianca (Pauline Challoner) are in love with Jakob. Alexander, who has learned that his adoptive father (and his lover), Count Ludwig (Ferdy Mayne), also a crusader, had killed Alexander's Greek parents, is gleeful that Jakob himself is in love with the Count, whom he had met after the Count and Alexander had split after an argument. This allows Alexander to take revenge for the Count's infidelity by telling his beloved Jakob about the Count's recent demise by drowning in a river, watched by an unmoved Alexander.

Finally, i...



Ferdy Mayne
Count Ludovic de Vendôme
Mathieu Carrière
Alexis Melissen
Jenny Agutter
Maud de Cloyes


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Gates to Paradise
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