Stir Crazy (1980)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

111 min.
Plot  Writer Skip Donahue and actor Harry Monroe are fired from their jobs in New York, and leave for Hollywood. Along the way, they take odd jobs to make ends meet. During one such job in Arizona, Skip and Harry perform a song and dance routine dressed as woodpeckers as part of a promotion for a bank. While the duo is taking a break, two men steal the costumes and rob the bank. Harry and Skip are arrested, whisked through a speedy trial and handed 125-year jail sentences. Their court-appointed lawyer, Len Garber, advises them to wait until he can appeal their case.

Life in a maximum-security prison proves difficult for Skip and Harry. After a failed attempt at faking insanity, they make friends with Jesus Ramirez, a bank robber, and Rory Schultebrand, a gay man who killed his stepfather, and meet inmates such as contrabandist Jack Graham, ax murderer Blade and feared mass murderer Grossberger.

Strangely, while Harry is understandably afraid of the violence of the guards an...



Gene Wilder
Skip Donahue
Richard Pryor
Harry Monroe
JoBeth Williams
Craig T. Nelson
Deputy Ward Wilson
Barry Corbin
Warden Walter Beatty
Nicolas Coster
Warden Henry Sampson
Joel Brooks
Len Garber
Jonathan Banks
Jack Graham
Franklyn Ajaye
Young Man in Hospital
Grand L. Bush
Mickey Jones
Guard #8
Billy Beck
Flycatching Prisoner
Lee Purcell
Tony Burton
Guy who Punches Big Mean (uncredited)


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Stir Crazy
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