Takva: A Man's Fear of God (2006)

7.5 / Rated by 7 people

96 min.
Plot  Humble and devout Muharrem lives in a solitary and meager existence of prayer and sexual abstinence. His extraordinary devotion attracts the attention of the Sheikh of an Istanbul Sufi order who offers him an administrative post as a manager for the seminary properties that support a school for orphans and poor children. Muharrem's new job throws him into the modern outside world he has not experienced before. He soon witnesses conflicting attitudes and dilemmas towards alcohol, charity and honesty. He notices that he himself has become proud, domineering and even dishonest. To make matters worse, Muharrem's inner peace is unnerved by the tormenting image of a seductive woman who tempts him in his dreams, both night and day. With the balance of his devotion now upset, his fear of God begins to eat away at his senses. He remains steadfast seeking forgiveness from Allah and guidance from his Sheikh in whom he has complete faith.

The Sheikh is portrayed as evidence of how power c...



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Takva: A Man's Fear of God
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