Flowers in the Attic (1987)

93 min.
Plot  After the sudden death of their father, four children — teenagers Chris and Cathy and 5-year-old twins Cory and Carrie — find themselves penniless and forced to travel with their mother Corinne to live with her wealthy parents (whom the children had neither met nor been told about before). Corinne informs her children that there has been tension between herself and her parents for many years, but does not elaborate and simply says they had cut her out of their lives for something she had done of which they disapproved. The children trust her, though Cathy is skeptical as she wonders what happened that caused the rift between her mother and her parents.

Corinne's mother Olivia, a religious fanatic, takes her daughter and her children into her home, though with the harsh condition that the children must be sequestered away in a locked room so that her husband Malcolm (who is dying) will never know of their existence. To that end, the children are shut inside one bedroom of the m...



Louise Fletcher
Olivia Foxworth
Victoria Tennant
Corrine Dollanganger
Kristy Swanson
Cathy Dollanganger
Jeb Stuart Adams
Chris Dollanganger
Nathan Davis
Malcolm Foxworth
Leonard Mann
Bart Winslow


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Flowers in the Attic
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