High School High (1996)

86 min.
Plot  Richard Clark (Jon Lovitz) is an unsatisfied prep school teacher at the fictional Wellington Academy, who accepts a job at inner city Barry High School, much to the chagrin of his boss and father, Wellington headmaster Thaddeus Clark (John Neville). Richard arrives to find the school in a state of disarray and disorder, while meeting several students and faculty members, including jaded, sour principal Evelyn Doyle (Louise Fletcher), her cheerful assistant Victoria Chappell (Tia Carrere) and student Griff McReynolds (Mekhi Phifer).

Despite initial opposition to his teaching style and harassment from the school gang leader Paco (Guillermo Díaz), Richard begins connecting with his students and teaches them effectively, while developing a romantic relationship with Victoria. Barry High eventually is transformed into a fine educational establishment. Frustrated, Paco and his gang tamper with the school's final exam scores, causing everyone to fail. Griff, who grew to see Richard a...



Jon Lovitz
Richard Clark
Tia Carrere
Victoria Chappell
Louise Fletcher
Principal Evelyn Doyle
Mekhi Phifer
Griff McReynolds
Malinda Williams
Natalie Thompson
Guillermo Diaz
Paco de la Vega al Camino Cordoba Jose Cuervo Sanchez Rodriguez Jr.
Brian Hooks
Anferny Jefferson
Natasha Gregson Wagner
Julie Rubels
Marco Rodríguez
Mr. DeMarco
John Neville
Thaddeus Clark


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High School High
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