Convoy (1978)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

112 min.
Plot  Truck driver Martin "Rubber Duck" Penwald is driving through the desert in Arizona, when a woman in a Jaguar E-Type passes by. They're driving side by side for a while when a sheriff's deputy pulls over Rubber Duck, who in turn sets the deputy upon the woman who was "enticing him."

Proceeding on his way, Rubber Duck runs into fellow truck drivers Pig Pen/Love Machine and Spider Mike, when another "trucker" informs them over the C.B. that they are okay to increase their speed. The "trucker" also insults Pig Pen by calling his Mack truck a "pussy." As they come around a sharp turn at 75 mph, they are caught by the "trucker," cold county Sheriff "Dirty Lyle" Wallace. After being extorted by Lyle for $50 each and eventually $70 when both Pig Pen and Mike insult Wallace, the Duck informs Wallace that The Teamsters are organizing the cops to which Lyle responds that he wants no part of the Duck's union. The Duck reminds Wallace that he is independent and Lyle comments that they...



Kris Kristofferson
Martin 'Rubber Duck' Penwald
Ali MacGraw
Ernest Borgnine
Arizona Natoosha Sheriff Lyle 'Cottonmouth' Wallace
Burt Young
Bobby 'Love Machine' 'Pig Pen'
Franklyn Ajaye
Spider Mike
Seymour Cassel
Governor Jerry Haskins
Cassie Yates
Jorge Russek
Texas Alvarez Sheriff Tiny Alvarez
Tommy Bush
Chief Stacey Love


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montbravo rated Convoy (1978) with 8.0 stars / 07.09.2015

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