A Reflection of Fear (1973)

89 min.
Plot  The film is set in an alienated mansion in Eastern Canada that houses Marguerite, 15, the main protagonist, her mother Katherine and her maternal grandmother, Julia.

Marguerite suffers from what appears to be paranoia as is apparent when she is shown talking to her dolls, especially one named Aaron or an amoeba collected from a pond, or painting unsettling pictures in seclusion. She is also known to take shots on a daily basis, the reason remaining unspecified.

Out of the blue, she expresses her yearning to connect with her father, Michael, a writer, who was estranged from the family for a decade and is now in a relationship with a woman named Anne. Katherine and Julia take issue with Marguerite's desire, but Michael, on the pretext of obtaining a divorce from Katherine, arrives at the hamlet with Anne and feels the need to fortify his relationship with his daughter.

As the film goes by, Marguerite's affection for her father turns inordinate and her sense of...



Sondra Locke
Robert Shaw
Mary Ure
Mitchell Ryan
Inspector McKenna


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A Reflection of Fear
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