The Baker (2007)

86 min.
Plot  Milo (Damian Lewis) is a dissatisfied professional assassin. Cornering his latest target at his home, Milo has a change of heart and offers the man the chance to escape and assume a new identity, only for Bjorn (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a rival assassin working for the same organization, to arrive and kill the man anyway. Bjorn makes it clear that he plans to use Milo's lapse in protocol to have his bosses order Milo's termination; they do so, assigning the kill to Bjorn. Milo narrowly escapes Bjorn's first attack, and after a conversation with his fellow assassin and friend Leo (Michael Gambon) heads to Leo's country property in Gwynfyd, Wales to hide out while Leo works on making things safe for Milo.

When attempting to bury his case of weapons, Milo is knocked out by the remains of an exploding sheep, detonated by the unseen Eggs (Dyfan Dwyfor), a young conspiracy theorist who steals Milo's weapons while he is still out. The unconscious Milo is found and taken home by Rhiann...



Damian Lewis
Milo 'The Baker' Shakespeare
Kate Ashfield
Nicholas Rowe


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The Baker
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