Student Seduction (2003)

85 min.
Plot  Plot

Christie Dawson (Elizabeth Berkley) is a popular high school chemistry teacher who is dedicated to her students and very passionate about her work. So when one of her students, Josh Gaines (Corey Sevier) needs help to improve his grades, she is only too happy to help. The pair have a good time and even go out for a burger afterwards, much to the speculation of other students and some teachers.

However, things quickly turn sour when Josh makes a pass at Christie, which she turns down. Christie hopes to move past it - despite her husband's anger when she tells him about it - but Josh becomes more aggressive in his pursuit, eventually attempting to kiss her in the school swimming pool. At that point, Christie reports his advances to the principal, but is discouraged from pursuing the matter further. Principal Davis then talks to Josh, who denies any responsibility for what happened, and then accuses Christie of trying to seduce him.

After meeting wit...



Elizabeth Berkley
Christie Dawson
Sarah Smyth
Monica Corelli
Bronwen Mantel
Helen Davis


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Student Seduction
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