You're a Big Boy Now (1966)

97 min.
Plot  Bernard Chanticleer (Peter Kastner), called "Big Boy" by his parents, is 19 but still lives with his overbearing, clinging mother (Geraldine Page) and his commanding, disapproving father (Rip Torn), who is Curator of Incunabula at the New York Public Library. Bernard also works as a low-level assistant at the library, where his father is constantly monitoring and admonishing him. His father decides it's time he grew up and moved out of the family home in Great Neck and into his own Manhattan apartment. His mother is not happy about letting him go, but acquiesces to her husband and arranges for Bernard to live in a rooming house run by nosy, prudish Miss Nora Thing (Julie Harris). Miss Thing inherited the building on the condition that her late brother's aggressive pet rooster be allowed to occupy the fifth floor, which Bernard must pass to get to his room. Miss Thing reassures Bernard's mother that the rooster only attacks girls, especially young pretty girls, to which Bernard's mother...  



Elizabeth Hartman
Barbara Darling
Geraldine Page
Margery Chanticleer
Rip Torn
I.H. Chanticleer
Tony Bill
Raef del Grado
Julie Harris
Miss Nora Thing
Karen Black
Amy Partlett
Dolph Sweet
Patrolman Francis Graf


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You're a Big Boy Now
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