Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992)

104 min.
Plot  The film opens with a reenactment of final scenes of ''Waxwork'', with Mark and Sarah leaving the burning waxwork (the part of Sarah having been recast from the first film). The disembodied zombie hand from the first film follows Sarah to her run-down flat and kills her stepfather with a hammer, a murder for which Sarah is blamed. No one believes her story about the evil waxwork.

In the hope of gathering evidence, Mark and Sarah visit the late Sir Wilfred's home, where they find a filmreel of Sir Wilfred speaking of his and Mark's grandfather's adventures and of the artifacts they collected together. A secret switch in Sir Wilfred's chessboard opens a door to a room full of objects where Mark and Sarah find a small compass-like device. They learn this device was used in history by light and dark angels to travel through another dimension consisting of stories that have become realities (including homages to Frankenstein, The Haunting, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dr. Jekyll...



Zach Galligan
Mark Loftmore
Bruce Campbell
John Loftmore
Jim Metzler
Sophie Ward
Marina Sirtis
John Ireland
King Arthur
Patrick Macnee
Sir Wilfred
David Carradine
The Beggar
George Buck Flower
Sarah's Stepfather
Drew Barrymore
Vampire Victim #1


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Waxwork II: Lost in Time
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