The Music of Chance (1993)

98 min.
Plot  Jim Nashe worked as a fireman, but a large inheritance and a divorce from his wife has left him free to buy a new car and see the country at his leisure.

He picks up a hitchhiker, Jack Pozzi, who turns out to be a professional gambler. Pozzi tells how he just lost his net worth when the poker game he was playing at was robbed and he was beaten after the others suspected him of orchestrating the robbery. Now he cannot afford the minimum $10,000 buy-in to play a poker game with a pair of eccentric old millionaires whom he had previously beaten handily. With money and time to spare, the intrigued Nashe offers to back Pozzi with $10,000 for a rematch.

The wealthy men, Flower and Stone, live together on a huge estate. They willingly agree to another game, but are not the suckers Pozzi takes them for. They win again. Nashe puts up his car as collateral against the cash if Flower and Stone will cut cards, winner take all. Nashe loses.

No clear alternative exists exc...



James Spader
Jack Pozzi
M. Emmet Walsh
Calvin Murks
Charles Durning
Bill Flower
Joel Grey
Willy Stone


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The Music of Chance
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