Battleship Potemkin (1925)

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75 min.
Plot  The film is set in June 1905; the protagonists of the film are the members of the crew of the ''Potemkin'', a battleship of the Imperial Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet. Eisenstein divided the plot into five acts, each with its own title:

Act I: Men and Maggots

The scene begins with two sailors, Matyushenko and Vakulinchuk, discussing the need for the crew of the ''Potemkin'' to support the revolution taking place within Russia. While the ''Potemkin'' is anchored off the island of Tendra, off-duty sailors are sleeping in their bunks. As an officer inspects the quarters, he stumbles and takes out his aggression on a sleeping sailor. The ruckus causes Vakulinchuk to awake, and he gives a speech to the men as they come to. Vakulinchuk says, "Comrades! The time has come when we too must speak out. Why wait? All of Russia has risen! Are we to be the last?" The scene cuts to morning above deck, where sailors are remarking on the poor quality of the meat for the crew. ...




All Titles

Bronenosets Potyomkin
Russian Original Title
Battleship Potemkin
English Title

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Soviet Union



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