The Best Little Girl in the World (1981)

Plot  17-year-old Casey Powell is a shy teenaged cheerleader who gets good grades and dreams of being a professional ballet dancer. Her parents, Frank and Joanne, give all their attention to her 19-year-old sister Gail, who has just found out she is pregnant by someone she has no interest in marrying. Frank is infuriated and Joanne is worried, so they forget to spend time with Casey; not a new thing, as problem-child Gail has always drawn attention away from good-girl Casey. Feeling ignored by her parents and embarrassed by harassment at her cheerleading audition, Casey starts wanting to look like the girls on the covers of magazines and begins to diet and exercise.

Casey is noticed by her ballet teacher, Madame Seuart, who tells her that she could be very good if she loses a few pounds. It doesn't take long before Casey becomes anorexic and bulimic. Casey's parents ignore her dream of becoming a professional dancer and instead want her to graduate high school, get a good job, and t...



Charles Durning
Frank Powell
Eva Marie Saint
Joanne Powell
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Casey Powell
Melanie Mayron
Carol Link
Lisa Pelikan
Gail Powell
Viveca Lindfors
Madame Seurat
David Spielberg
Dr. Garett
Richard Venture
Dr. Neil Holzer
Ally Sheedy
First Girl
Helen Hunt
A friend of Casey


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The Best Little Girl in the World
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