Joe (2013)

6.75 / Rated by 4 people

117 min.
Plot  The movie opens with Gary (Tye Sheridan), a 15 year old drifter, lecturing his father, Wade (Gary Poulter), on getting a job and not destroying anything good that comes their way. Wade turns to Gary, punches him in the face and walks off, only to be met by two men who likewise beat him, significantly more brutally.

Joe Ransom (Nicolas Cage) is a foreman for a small tree-removal crew in backwoods Texas. He is well-liked by the inhabitants of the town and his crew, but has a long string of incarcerations due to his violent behaviour and disrespect towards the law. He lives in self-imposed emotional isolation, frequenting a local brothel.

Gary finds Joe and asks for a job, Joe gives him a chance, and Gary impresses Joe with his work ethic. However, when he brings his father with him the next day, Wade's attitude and utter lack of work ethic gets them both fired. Gary later goes to Joe's house to talk him into rehiring him. Joe agrees, and Gary begins working for him regu...



Nicolas Cage
Joe Ransom


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Recep rated Joe (2013) with 6.0 stars / 22.04.2016

McBilek rated Joe (2013) with 6.5 stars / 22.07.2015

CK added Joe (2013) to watchlist / 01.03.2015

TonyMontana reviewed Joe (2013) / 03.12.2014

I highly recommend this film, Joe was a good man.

TonyMontana rated Joe (2013) with 7.5 stars / 03.12.2014

  TonyMontana - I highly recommend this film, Joe was a good man.

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