Captain Newman, M.D. (1963)

126 min.
Plot  In 1944, Captain Josiah Newman (Peck) is head of the neuro-psychiatric Ward 7 at the Colfax Army Air Field military hospital, located in the Arizona desert. As he explains to a visiting VIP who wanders in: "We're short of beds, doctors, orderlies, nurses, everything ... except patients." He will use unconventional tactics to treat his patients and to recruit much needed personnel, as when he hijacks a new and very reluctant orderly, Corporal Jackson Leibowitz (Curtis), a wheeler-dealer from New Jersey. Leibowitz promptly has the entire ward participating in a sing-along of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."

Newman also takes great pains to court nurse Lieutenant Francie Corum (Dickinson) on what she thinks is a date... until he asks her to transfer to Ward 7. Their 'date/fight' is cut short by a phone call: Colonel Bliss (Albert) has forced his way into Ward 7 looking for Dr. Newman with a 6-inch knife, because Newman blocked his return to active duty after witnessing Bliss' erratic ...



Gregory Peck
Capt. Newman
Tony Curtis
Cpl. Jackson Leibowitz
Angie Dickinson
1st Lt. Francie Corum
Eddie Albert
Col. Norval Bliss
Robert Duvall
Capt. Winston
James Gregory
Col. Pyser
Larry Storch
Cpl. Gavoni
Vito Scotti
Maj. Alfredo Fortuno
Gregory Walcott
Capt. Howard


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Captain Newman, M.D.
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