Tom Sawyer (1973)

104 min.
Plot  Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn play hooky from school and have a plan to revive a dead cat with the spirit of a man named Hoss Williams who is on his death bed. Sawyer and Finn talk with Muff Potter, the town drunk, but are interrupted when Injun Joe says that Doc Robinson wants to see them. Muff and Joe meet Robinson and he informs them that they have a job to dig the grave of Williams. Joe is angry that Robinson didn't fix his leg correctly. Meanwhile, Tom continues to skip school and comes up with fantastic stories about why he's not home for dinner, where he tricks the children of the town to do his punishment chores for him.

After Williams dies, the two go to the cemetery and find out that Muff and Joe are digging up a grave on the advice of Robinson. Joe continues to be angry at Robinson and demands more money for the job. When Robinson refuses, Injun Joe picks up a shovel, accidentally knocking Muff out, hits Doc Robinson into the grave with the shovel, then grabs Muff...



Johnny Whitaker
Tom Sawyer
Warren Oates
Muff Potter
Jodie Foster
Becky Thatcher
Henry Jones
Mr. Dobbins
Dub Taylor
Sandy Kenyon
Const. Clemmens


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Tom Sawyer
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