The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984)

121 min.
Plot  In an Italian neighborhood of Greenwich Village, cousins Charlie (Rourke), a maître d' with aspirations of someday owning his own restaurant, and Paulie (Roberts), a schemer who works as a waiter, have expensive tastes but not much money. Paulie gets caught skimming checks, and he and Charlie are both fired. Now out of work and in debt, Charlie must find another way to pay his alimony, support his pregnant girlfriend Diane (Hannah), and try to buy a restaurant.

Paulie comes to Charlie with a "can't-miss" robbery, involving a large amount of cash in the safe of a local business. Charlie reluctantly agrees to participate, and they manage to crack the safe with help from an accomplice, Barney (McMillan), a clock repairman and locksmith. But things go sour, resulting in the accidental death of police officer Walter "Bunky" Ritter, who had been secretly taping "Bed Bug" Eddie Grant (Young). Charlie soon learns that the money they stole belongs to Eddie.

The mob figures out...



Geraldine Page
Mrs. Ritter
Burt Young
Bed Bug Eddie
Philip Bosco
Paulie's Father
Val Avery
Joe Grifasi
Jimmy the Cheese Man
Tony Lip
Frank Vincent
1st Crew Chief


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The Pope of Greenwich Village
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