Encino Man (1992)

88 min.
Plot  During the first ice age, a caveman (Brendan Fraser) attempts to make fire with his girlfriend (Sandra Hess). An earthquake causes a cave-in that buries the two of them.

This segues into a present-day Los Angeles earthquake that awakens average teenager Dave Morgan (Sean Astin). He, along with his best friend Stoney (Pauly Shore), strives to attain popularity in high school but comes off more as a reject and an outcast. Dave is in love with Robyn Sweeney (Megan Ward), a sweet and attractive girl who has been his best friend since grade school, and until she reached "babehood" had been rejected by Dave on several occasions. Her boyfriend Matt Wilson (Michael DeLuise) is a dimwitted jock and school bully who is constantly responsible for making both Dave and Stoney the objects of ridicule by embarrassing them in various ways, usually directly due to Dave's growing affections toward Robyn.

One day, as Dave is digging a pool in his back yard, he comes across a chunk of ic...



Sean Astin
David "Dave" Morgan
Brendan Fraser
Linkovich "Link" Chomovsky
Pauly Shore
Stanley "Stoney" Brown
Megan Ward
Robyn Sweeney
Rick Ducommun
Mr. Brush
Richard Masur
Mr. Morgan
Sandra Hess
Cave Nug


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Encino Man
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