The Slugger's Wife (1985)

105 min.
Plot  Darryl Palmer is a baseball player for the Atlanta Braves. He enjoys the fame and fringe benefits of bachelor life until he meets rock singer Debby Huston, falls in love and decides to settle down.

Debby isn't ready to put her professional hopes on hold. But from the moment Darryl meets her, his own career takes off. He begins a full assault on baseball's single-season home run record of 61 (at that time) and considers Debby a good-luck charm, wanting her to be there at his games.

Manager Burly DeVito appreciates that Darryl has found a settling influence in his life, but teammates Moose Granger and Manny Alvarado become increasingly aware of how obsessed Darryl is with Debby and how unhappy she has become. She feels smothered by her husband, who interferes with her career ambitions and goes into a jealous funk whenever she goes on the road.

The happy couple breaks up, to the detriment of Darryl's game and his pursuit of one of baseball's greatest feats. He b...



Michael O'Keefe
Darryl Palmer
Rebecca De Mornay
Debby Huston
Randy Quaid
Moose Granger
Martin Ritt
Burly DeVito
Georgann Johnson
Marie DeVito
Lynn Whitfield
Tina Alvarado


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The Slugger's Wife
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