Bio-Dome (1996)

95 min.
Plot  Bud "Squirrel" Macintosh (Shore) and Doyle "Stubs" Johnson (Baldwin) are best friends who live together in the same house. As the movie opens, Bud wins a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors and gets to hit Doyle in the head with a book. Soon after, their girlfriends Monique (Adams) and Jen (Hill), arrive to take the two boys to an Environmental Party when they discover the injured Doyle. Although they are sympathetic at first, the girls learn that the book was used to injure Doyle as an excuse to not go. Disgusted, the girls decide to exact revenge and call the boys from a payphone to announce they'll be joining some hot swim team guys at a party down by a lake. Jealous, Bud and Doyle drive out to the lake, only to find there is no party, and they have been had.

Driving back home, they pass by the Bio-Dome, where scientist Dr. Noah Faulkner (Atherton) is about to seal his team in for a year without outside contact. Mistaking the Bio-Dome for a mall, Bud and Doyle go inside to use t...



Stephen Baldwin
Doyle "Stubs" Johnson
William Atherton
Dr. Noah Faulkner
Rose McGowan
Kylie Minogue
Dr. Petra von Kant
Henry Gibson
Dr. William Leaky


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