A Fine Madness (1966)

104 min.
Plot  Samson Shillitoe, a poet, lives in Greenwich Village with Rhoda, a waitress who stands by him through all his troubles.

When Samson cannot find the inspiration to finish his latest poem, he becomes belligerent and depressed. Samson is continually pursued by a debt collector after his late alimony payments to a previous wife; if Samson doesn't pay he will be arrested. Samson eventually assaults a police detective who accompanies the debt collector.

Samson has other troubles when he loses his job as an office cleaner when he has sex with a secretary (Sue Ane Langdon) whilst his carpet cleaning machinery fills the office with soap suds. However, Samson does earn a $200 fee for doing a recital of his poetry to a woman's group that ends in disaster.

On Samson's behalf, but unknown to him, Rhoda seeks the help of psychiatrist Dr. West (Patrick O'Neal), who claims to be able to cure writer's block.

Rhoda gives Dr. West the $200 she collected for Samson's ...



Sean Connery
Samson Shillitoe
Jean Seberg
Lydia West
Patrick O'Neal
Dr. Oliver West
Colleen Dewhurst
Dr. Vera Kropotkin
John Fiedler
Daniel K. Papp
Bibi Osterwald
Mrs. Fitzgerald


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A Fine Madness
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